Reflective thermal insulation
Water-based glass insulation coating
Waterproof thermal insulation coating
Real stone, rock color imitation stone insulation coating
Waterborne building reflective insulation coating (color flat coating)
Ultra-thin metal plate heat reflective thermal insulation coating
Reinforced heat reflective thermal insulation coating
Conventional heat reflective thermal insulation coating
Water-based glass insulation coating
Main application areas

Energy-saving coating for exterior walls of various industrial and civil buildings.

Main features

High decorative, excellent heat reflection and heat insulation effect, in line with JG/T 235-2014 "Building Reflective Thermal Insulation Coating", DG/TJ 08-2200-2016 "Shanghai Building Reflective Thermal Insulation Coating Application Technical Regulations".


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OEM One-Stop Service for thermal insulation coating.
Products can be passed by wall inspection.
Technical specification for building solar -
reflective coating(thermal insulation coating).
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