Datong Tabernacle Enters West Point Military Academy

In order to promote the company's team building and development, and strengthen team cohesion, on February 2, the company went to West Point Military Academy to carry out a one-day military development training activity. The military development training activities were supported by the company's leaders and the active cooperation of all colleagues. Achieved a complete success.


The one-day military development training activities were divided into opening ceremony, military capacity rectification, queue training, ice-breaking team formation, "wooden barrel principle", "power rope circle" and other group expansion activities and advanced award ceremony. All employees actively participated and actively participated. Experience.


This military development training activity is based on military training and relies on expansion activities. For the purpose of sentiment, it promotes people through disciplined military training, interesting expansion activities, interdependent environmental conditions and instructor guidance. Communication and trust between people, departments and departments.                            

 Through this activity, not only exercised the individual physical and willpower of the employees, but also improved the teamwork ability. The employees of the company also deeply felt the two-way communication, division of labor and cooperation, the importance of team development, and improved the execution of the company's employees. Cohesiveness, as well as the ability to strive for excellence and the pursuit of excellence, have laid a solid foundation for the joint efforts to create a win-win model for the company.



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