Datong Science and Technology Creation Park "Safe Production Month" Fi

  In order to implement the safety first policy of “safety first, prevention first”, popularize fire safety knowledge, and further carry out “safe production month” activities, the company organized a meeting on June 1st, 2017 at Jintong Road Datong Science and Technology Park. Fire safety knowledge training and drills.

  The training and drills included actual combat drills for evacuation, two-shot and one-shot rigs, and fire extinguishers to save firewood. The escape drill selected the office area on the fourth floor to find the fire situation, the alarm bell sounded, and the emergency evacuation escape plan was launched urgently. The escape personnel used the wet towel to cover the nose and mouth and the low waist elbow, and retreated to the designated safe area according to the designated escape route. Evacuation.


  Through this exercise, employees' safety awareness and emergency response capabilities against fire were improved. The policy of "safety first, prevention first" has been fully reflected in the Datong Science and Technology Creation Park.

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